March 6, 2023

"April 2022 my AC wasn’t cooling so I used a different AC service. They charged me $459.75. This included a $202 generic 30/40 Amp. Well, AC was not cooling again in March 2023 so I called Brown’s AC as they had been referred to me. Guess what? Yes, same exact problem and same exact part was changed out. The difference is I saved $159.45 on the part b/c Brown’s only charged me $42.55 vs $202 for the same exact part. My total was that plus the service call of $120 for $166.06. Big difference. I was in shock to be honest. I kept asking if they were kidding me. So nice to just have an honest company FINALLY come my way and NOT take me to the cleaners. I will recommend Brown’s to anyone who needs AC/Heating repairs as I can TRUST them."
December 13, 2022

"Great job by the Brown's AC team. Converted my home from Window units to Central Heat and Air. Mr. Brown was very knowledgeable and was able to come up with a great plan for what we needed, and his team delivered exceptionally! Cant recommend these guys enough."
July 18, 2022

"Love this place! Always fast always figure it out and just a nice group of people to do business with!"
September 18, 2021

"I can't say enough about these people. James the owner came out and gave me a quote for a new system. I was having other work done so he worked with me on the installation. All the guys that came out were so helpful and friendly. Diane in the office always answered all my questions and also was so friendly. Very professional. If I ever have any problems I won't have to think about who I would call."
April 5, 2021

"Thank You for the prompt, friendly, and professional service! Words cannot express how much we appreciate your kindness and professionalism! Max and Pete you both rock! Took care of a simple thing as replacing a screw before I even asked!! Look forward to doing business in the future. Will definitely have Brown Air Conditioning on my mind to refer for friends and family! Thank You Mr Brown for your service in Vietnam! From another Vietnam Veteran 69-70 Army"